Frequently Asked Questions

  • We work both on domestic market and on international market, keeping a balanced portfolio. Usually, we have 50% : 50% split in our revenues from domestic and international clients. Our teams work both in Russia and abroad, mainly in EU (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia,).

  • The majority of our clients are the companies with whom we work for over 6-10 years.

  • Statistics shows that key economic buyers of our services or those who formulate changes requests are shareholders, BoD members, CEO and CFOs of companies and holdings (61% of project initiators).

  • Yes, from time to time and with the previous approval from the clients, we retain professional services forms, such as lawyers, auditors, technological and engineering firms, appraisers, tax advisors. Usually we do it to fill the gap in the competencies, that we do not require on a constant basis within our team (specific narrow field services), should the client and the project require so.

    We are hold accountable and responsible for the subcontractors we retain. All our subcontractors are undergoing standard KYC/KYP procedures, and have mirroring clauses in the contracts, like we have in our agreements with clients (compliance clauses, confidentiality, etc.).

  • For standard advisory (consulting) projects, we use general approach of fee calculations based on our hourly rates for the categories of our professionals. We use cap for the maximum amount of fees to be billed, and we also work on the fixed fee basis, i.e. before the contract signature, we agree with the clients the overall project budget, calculated on the forecast of man hours required to fulfill the project tasks.

    In M&A deals or similar engagements we use fixed fee and success fee arrangements.

  • Yes, in many projects, especially in transformation projects, turnarounds or M&A deals, we act as interim executives for our client’s companies or represent our clients in dealings with third parties under PoA or project charters. This is strictly managed for the conflict of interests and agreed with the clients.

  • Our team members undergo on a regular basis the standard trainings of ICA (International Compliance Association), ACT (UK Association of Corporate Treasurers), ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants), and specialized industrial training programs led by Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Moody’s and other providers.

    We invest heavily in on-job trainings of our professionals and their enrollment in AMCT, ICA, CFA and other professional certifications.

  • Our motto is “thought outpace action”, that stands for our passion for excellence, culture of evidence-based solutions, systematic thinking and careful situational analysis prior to jumping into action.

  • In Ernst & Young the consulting projects were often named after rivers or lakes. The last project that our team has performed in Ernst & Young, was named ‘Neman’ after one of the most western rivers in Eurasia, at the border of Eastern Europe. When we have left Ernst & Young, we decided to name the new company ‘Neman’ as a sign of courtesy to our common Ernst & Young / Andersen legacy.

  • We are permanently headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Our office is situated at the address: Odesskaya str., building 2, BC Lotos Plaza, Tower C, 3rd floor.

    From time to time, to perform projects in other regions and countries, we open temporary team offices in other places (Vienna, Paris, Hamburg, Prague), but our main office with all personnel is always in Moscow.

  • We are bound by the confidentiality clauses in our agreements with the clients, and may not disclose the clients to any counterparties prior to the signature of the confidentiality agreements, with the exception of the publicly known projects or projects for which the confidentiality clause has expired.

    Our clients included, inter alia, Veolia Environnement, Credit Suisse, IBM, Eurasian Development Bank, International Investment Bank, LUKoil, Norilsk Nickel, Mobile Telesystems and many others.

  • At the moment we at Neman Group LLC are not a party to any partnership agreement or similar arrangement with any company.

    Nevertheless, in performing our corporate venturing projects in energy, water management, waste management, waste to energy projects in Central and Eastern Europe, we act in consortium with Veolia Environnement, a global leader in this industrial segment. We act in a capacity of economic, financial and operational consultants, where Veolia acts in a capacity of technological consultants. The activities in these projects are separated from any dealings of Neman Group LLC with other clients.

  • Neman Group LLC executives and employees are all Russian citizens, graduates from top 5 Russian universities, having economic, financial, tax and legal or compliance background, with significant professional experience in one of the major global consulting companies, speaking 1-2 foreign languages. As a rule, besides consulting we request from our candidates to have several years of direct industrial experience, therefore over 80% of our team members have practical hands-on industrial credentials, working for global or domestic companies or financial institutions.

  • Yes, we are ready, upon the signing of the NDA, to provide the prospective client with all required company’s documentation, explanations and data to enable them to perform their internal KYC on us.

  • No. Prior to engaging into any business dealings with any prospective counterparty, Neman Group LLC performs KYC and conflict of interest check. We do not have any conflict of interest in dealings with Ericsson and any of its group companies. Should the risk of such conflict emerge, we will notify you immediately and perform our best efforts to avoid it, prevent or resolve.

  • No, we are not a party to any commercial litigation, we do not have any pending unsettled claims from its third parties, including state authorities.

  • No, Neman Group LLC personnel, which is involved, directly or indirectly, in the dealings with the counterparties and clients an in services provision, are 100% Russian citizens.

    No other persons are representing Neman Group LLC in dealings with its clients.

    From time to time, depending of the project necessity and in accordance with the client’s requests and with their consent, we subcontract or cooperate with foreign professional services firms (international legal firms such as Akin Gump, Debevoise, Morgan Lewis etc. and advisory forms such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, KPMG, SRK etc.) that have U.S. or EU persons in-house, but the retention of these counterparts are pre-agreed by our clients.

  • No, none of our UBO, executives, employees ever been subject to any conviction or enforcement decision related to violation of compliance rules (including anti-trust, AML etc.) and were never subjects for any sanctions.

  • No, none of our UBO, executives, employees and their family members are considered as PEPs by any competent authority in any jurisdiction.

  • No, Neman Group LLC has no relation to any country’s government entities, state bodies or state-owned companies. We do not receive financing from any governmental entities or bodies.

    Though acting in our capacity of interim compliance officers or advisors to our clients, in the degree required by the projects and situations, we correspond officially with the governmental bodies of different countries, including U.S. OFAC, U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security,  AFA of France, Russian Anti-Trust Agency and other regulating bodies.

  • Yes, we are fully independent private company, and we are not a participant of any group or holding, whether legally or not legally defined. Neman Group LLC, a Russian legal entity, established under the laws of Russian Federation on 16 of may 2014, with its company registration number 1137746338102, tax ID 7705538295, with its registered address at: Odesskaya str., building 2, BC Lotos Plaza, Tower C, 3rd floor, 117638 Moscow, Russian Federation. The founder, the UBO and the CEO of Neman Group LLC is Oleg Danilin, who acts in his capacity oi accordance with the Charter.

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