Global transformation of a Russian waste management company

Not disclosed: russian waste management company
Global transformation of a Russian waste management company
Service & products

Transformation and turnaround

  • Project management office setting up
    Project management office setting up
    Setting up project or/and program management offices, managing all project activities and acting as coordinators and a single entry point for all concerned parties
  • Digital transformation
    Digital transformation
    Transformation of an organization’s operating mode by applying digital and automation technologies, digital strategy development, business model transformation in accordance with data- and analytics-driven approach, support for IT systems implementation, implementation of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation
  • Organizational transformation
    Organizational transformation
    Transforming of organizational structures, processes and methods of human resource management, development and implementation of modern methods and technologies for stimulating, rewarding, assessing and maintaining qualifications of employees at all levels, KPIs system development
  • Operations transformation
    Operations transformation
    Transformation of operational and technological processes, implementation of shared services centers, transferring corporate services to external and internal outsourcing, business models changing in accordance with the best industry practices, improvement of functions’ efficiency and enrichment of management information quality
  • Strategic transformation
    Strategic transformation
    Developing and implementing business strategies, business plans and roadmaps, conducting market research, benchmarking with competitors, preparing companies to enter new markets and new market segments, assessing prospects for launching new products


  • Problem
  • Decision
  • Result
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